We‎‎ are BIS‎ certified‎‎ toy‎ manufacturer in‎ Ahmedabad,‎‎ We‎ manufacturing‎ electric‎ and‎ non‎‎ electric‎ ‎‎ toys‎ such‎ as‎‎ Mini‎‎ Supermarkets,‎ INDIA‎ MAP Puzzles,‎ Magnetic‎ Alphabets,‎ Soccer‎ Tables,‎ Bubble Guns,‎ Friction‎ Cars,‎ Remote Control‎ Cars,‎ Baby Magic‎ Pianos,‎ Hover Footballs,‎ Educational‎‎ Blocks, Wooden‎ Puzzles,‎ and many‎ others.

In‎‎ addition to OEM,‎ we‎ can‎ also‎ provide‎ the‎‎ product with your‎ brand name if‎ the‎ quantity is‎ sufficient.


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