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    8-Hole Electric Bubbles Gun

    • The cool bubble gun design and colorful bubbles can satisfy children’s preferences and attract their attention, Adopting Gatling’s appearance structure, 8 bubble holes, hundreds of colorful bubbles can be blown out every minute, Looks cooler and more interesting.
    • The bubble Gatling gun needs to be installed with 3 AA batteries (this product does not include batteries), which is easy to install and use. Pour bubble water on the plate, dip the bubble liquid from the pan and then press the switch to enjoy the bubble time.
    • When the child feels tired after chasing, he will feel very hot. The bubble machine can be used as a small fan, it will bring cool and comfortable wind. Take down the bubble machine gun head and turn it into a small fan.
    • The bubble gun is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic ABS material, smooth and burr-free, and has a handle design that fits the curvature of the child’s palm and is not easy to fall.
    • The leak-proof or overflow-proof design is very safe for children and pets. Children can carry a bubble gun with them and enjoy the fun of chasing bubbles. The cool bubble gun design and colorful bubbles can satisfy children’s preferences and attract their attention.
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    Automobile Friction Cars Toy Set

    • Toys and Games
    • Kids love working with their hands and cars, so why not combine the two by giving them a construction machine toy car? Construction friction toys such as these are perfect for children because they help to stimulate their motor skills and creativity. In addition, these toys can also be used for educational purposes, helping kids learn about how cars are built.
    • perfect gift option for kids – this car toy set is perfect for any child who loves cars! it includes an abs martial 4 car dump truck, a cement mixer, and a jcb crane.
    • Indian BIS standard ensures safety – this car toy set is certified by the indian bIS standard, guaranteeing that it meets the highest safety standards. this means that your child can enjoy playing with these cars without worry about being injured.
    • Friction power – this car toy set is powered by friction, which means that it’s able to move and function even when it’s wet or cold. this makes it a great option for children who love playing in rain or snow.
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    Building Blocks 260 pcs

    • Kids Block Toy – In the Bag – Building Blocks Includes 250+ blocks with 38 wheels for kids. Recommended Age – 3+ Year, Country of Origin – India
    • Kids Toys Puzzles – An amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colors for easy sorting, counting, patterns, stacking and playing, creating attractive models like bus chairs, house, robot toy, car toy, aero plane, train.
    • Kids Puzzle Blocks – This puzzle block comes in a box, which makes it very convenient to store the blocks and move them from one place to another. Great preschool toddler toy for kids to learn.
    • Early Development Toys – Perfect for promoting children’s fine motor skills, stimulates imagination and creativity, develops hand-eye coordination and logic thinking, builds confidence.
    • Safe & durable material – This building block set is made of high quality and durable plastic, which is safe for children.
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    FUN Magnetic Cube

    • UNLIKE OTHER PUZZLE BOX TOYS that turn out DISAPPOINTING & DULL,  Magnetic Cube features 24 RARE EARTH MAGNETS for an INNOVATIVE design that transforms into OVER 70 SHAPES. Fits comfortably in the hand for hours of MIND-CHALLENGING fun, STIMULATE the senses with UNLIMITED creative possibility! CAN YOU MASTER THE FUN MAGNETIC CUBE?
    • NOTHING COMPARES to the QUALITY & UNIQUE DESIGN, durably constructed of PREMIUM injection-mold plastic, 24 RARE EARTH MAGNETS, and a TEAR-PROOF, matte or high-gloss surface. Each magnetic puzzle features 4 UNIQUE, ARTISTIC PATTERNS of vibrant, MESMERIZING ARTWORK, for an ever-changing array of BEAUTY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.
    • COLLECT & CONNECT – With the strong internal magnet system of our Sensory puzzle boxes, you can CONNECT MULTIPLE MAGNETIC CUBES to build even larger structures and SCULPTURES – for the ultimate SATISFYING magnetic Sensory toy and brain teaser.
    • A TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFT – Our magnet cubes make great SENSORY STIMULATION puzzle gifts and STEAM & STEM toy gifts for all ages.
    • AT FUN IN MOTION TOYS, WE CREATE toys that STIMULATE the MIND, BODY & IMAGINATION.  Magnet cube is made to challenge the senses and build SKILL & COORDINATION and BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER for hours of fun.
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    India Map Puzzle

    • GEOGRAPHY MADE FUN: A unique, fun and exciting foam map puzzle toy to help children learn the States of India, Union Territories and their Capitals
    • SOLVE TO LEARN LOCATION: This learning & education toy consists of 1 EVA foam frame puzzle, with precisely cut many state shaped puzzle pieces that will help the child learn the locations of the states of India
    • FLAG THE CAPITALS: Stick the Capital stickers on the plastic flags provided and insert them in the slit provided in their respective states
    • STURDY & SAFE: All the pieces are made of 8 mm EVA foam and snugly fit to form the India map. The materials used conform to the BIS standards for toys so the parents can confidently choose this product to provide an innovative, delightful and safe play experience for their children
    • CONTENTS: 1 Foam Puzzle Frame, 24 Puzzle Pieces, 35 Flags & Capital Stickers
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    Supermarket Toys

    • Toys & Games 37 Pieces kitchen set and ice cream Supermarket Shop with Light and Sound Effects
    • Early development: Allows your kids to perform certain tasks, which help to develop basic living skills, improve creativity and critical thinking abilities, etc. This pretend and play set allows children to pretend how to be a cashier in real life. Educate children with ideas of how groceries stores works while having fun!
    • There are lot of accessories and colorful stickers for complete supermarket.
    • This compact and colorful toy kitchen set and ice cream Supermarket Shop will make a great gift for children and is large enough that multiple kids can play at once! Develops logical thinking, hand and eye coordination, shape identify, social skills and more.
    • Size: 38.5 x 37 x 20cm; Realistic design with colourful accessories attracts children attention
    • The indicator light will flash once after the credit card is swiped, and the supermarket cash register will give a sound of “DI” , indicating that the credit card work well.2. When the connected number key is pressed, the indicator light will flash once, and the supermarket cash register will give a sound of ‘Deng, indicating that the payment is successful.
    • Perfect gifts for boys and girls aged 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 7years 8 years, 9 years, 10 years, 11 years, 12 years and more, christmas gifts for kids, return gifts for kids, birthday gifts for kids,
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