2 In 1 Baby Walker Toy & Activity Writing Table

  1. Multifunctional Design:
    • Sit and Play: In this mode, little ones can comfortably sit and engage with the activity table. It’s perfect for exploring buttons, lights, and sounds.
    • Stand and Walk: As babies grow and gain confidence, they can use the walker to practice standing and taking those first steps. The stability of the walker provides support as they move around.
  2. Music and Flash Lights:
    • The walker features music and flashing lights, making playtime more exciting and stimulating for curious minds.
  3. Activity Writing Table:
    • The writing table component encourages creativity and fine motor skills. Babies can scribble, draw, or explore shapes on the surface.
  4. Two Patterns:
    • Whether sitting or standing, children can enjoy the interactive features of this walker. It adapts to their developmental stage.
  5. Age Range:
    • Suitable for babies aged 6 to 18 months, this walker grows with them during their early exploration phase.
  6. Carrying Capacity:
    • The sturdy design ensures a safe carrying capacity, allowing little ones to explore confidently.

Overall, this multifunctional walker combines play, learning, and mobility—a perfect companion for your little explorer!



2 In 1 Baby Walker Toy & Activity Writing Table, Multifunctional Push-Pull Walker Toy with Music and Flash Lights for 6-18 Months Old Kids Comes with Two Patterns : Sit and Play, Stand and Walk


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