Unbreakable, Friction, Automobile Cars Toy Set! This Set Comes with a Dump Truck, Cement Mixer, JCB Machine, and Crane, Birthday Gift Kids Toys for Boys & Girls(Set of 4) – Made in India


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  • Kids love working with their hands and cars, so why not combine the two by giving them a construction machine toy car? Construction friction toys such as these are perfect for children because they help to stimulate their motor skills and creativity. In addition, these toys can also be used for educational purposes, helping kids learn about how cars are built.
  • perfect gift option for kids – this car toy set is perfect for any child who loves cars! it includes an abs martial 4 car dump truck, a cement mixer, and a jcb crane.
  • Indian BIS standard ensures safety – this car toy set is certified by the indian bIS standard, guaranteeing that it meets the highest safety standards. this means that your child can enjoy playing with these cars without worry about being injured.
  • Friction power – this car toy set is powered by friction, which means that it’s able to move and function even when it’s wet or cold. this makes it a great option for children who love playing in rain or snow.
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